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本文摘要:(1):兑换外币1.How much is a commission?手续费是几多?2.How much would you like to change?你想换几多?3.What denomination do you want?你想要什么面额的?4.What kind of currency do you want?你要换哪种钱币?


(1):兑换外币1.How much is a commission?手续费是几多?2.How much would you like to change?你想换几多?3.What denomination do you want?你想要什么面额的?4.What kind of currency do you want?你要换哪种钱币?5.What currency would you like to trade in?你想兑换什么钱?6.Where can I change some money?能不能告诉我在那里可以换钱?7.Can you change this into dollars?请将这些外币兑换成美金!8.What are your banking hours?请问你们的营业时间是几点到几点?9.I might as well exchange a little extra.我还是多换一点儿好了。10.Can you change this into Australian Dollars?你可以兑换成澳元吗?11.How much is the RMB trading at today?今天人民币的成交价是几多?12.Can you change RMB into US dollars?可以帮我把人民币换成美元吗?13.Where is the money/currency exchange counter?在哪儿可以兑换钱币?14.What's the current exchange rate for RMB?现在人民币的兑换汇率是几多?15.Can you break this 100 US dollar bill?可以帮我把这100美元换成零钱吗?16.I'd like to change 5000 yuan into US dollars.我想将5000元人民币兑换成美元。17.The exchange rate is 16.11 cents for one Yuan.汇率是1元人民币换16.11美分。18.Please fill out this request for foreign currency.请您填写一下外币申请表。

19.What's the exchange rate for U.S.dollars to euros?美元兑欧元的汇率是几多?20.Could you break this into 3 twenties,3 tens and the rest in coins, please?请把这样(100元钞)换成3张20元、3张10元,其余的换零钱。(2):飞机延误21.Is the flight delayed?航班延误了吗?22.The flight will be put off.飞秘密延误了。23.Due to bad weather condition.因为航空管制。

24.My flight has been delayed.我的航班延误了。25.What's the cause of the delay?是什么原因导致的?26.Will this flight get there on time?航班准点到达吗?27.What's the cause of the delay?飞机延误的原因是什么?28.How long will the flight be delayed?飞机将要延误多久?29.When is the new boarding time?新登机时间是什么时候?30.Is there any trouble with the aircraft?飞机有故障吗?31.The flight will take four hours.此次航行将需要四个小时。32.The delay is due to heavy rain.因为大雨您的航班延误了。

33.I have to stay here tonight.看来我今晚不得不在这儿留宿了。34.When is the next flight available? 下一班另有空位的班机几点?35.It is said that we will be informed later.听说会稍后另行通知。36.The flight is delayed due to the weather.航班因天气原因延误了。

37.Don't worry. We are trying to fix it.没关系,我们正在努力检验。38.BA flight 836 was three hours late.英国航空836次航班晚点3个小时。39.Excuse me,how long will the flight be delayed?请问飞机将延误多久?40.All the flights are delayed because of the heavy fog.所有的航班都因为这场大雾延误了。

41.Ticket desks become besieged in a bad delay.飞机延误情况严重时,票务区会变得拥堵不堪。42.I'm sorry to inform you that your flight has been delayed.很歉仄通知您,您的班机已延误。43.I think that's fine with me as long as I can get a nice compensation.我是OK啦,只要我能拿到不错的赔偿。

44.We can not take off now because of the bad weather in Beijing.由于北京的天气欠好,我们的飞机现在不能起飞。45.In an overnight delay, your airline might pay for accommodation.如果航班延误整夜,航空公司可能会为你支付住宿用度。46.We have to wait for some more minutes due to the air traffic control.由于航空管制原因,我们的飞机还要等候一段时间。

47.We'll apply for the take-off clearance as soon as the weather is getting better.当接到天气转好的信息时,我们会尽快申请排队,争取能够尽快起飞。48.It's not advisable to leave an airport during a delay because the delay may be unexpectedly reduced.不建议在飞机延误时脱离机场,因为延误时间有可能会意外缩短。49.We'll inform the ground staff if you`d like to cancel the flight. They will help you complete the relevant procedures.如果您想取消今天的航班,我们会通知地面事情人员,资助您管理相关手续。50.We are waiting for some transferring passengers. Please wait for another moment before we havefurther information.我们正在等候部门转机游客,获得最新消息我们立刻通知您。